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Mon-Fri 8:30PM

Oliver B Greene
10:00 AM Mon-Sat

Charles Stanley
3:05 Mon- Fri
10:00 Sun

David Jeremiah
3:30 Mon- Fri



Gregg Laurie  4:00PM  Mon-Fri


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1. GOTO Blackberry App World (loaded in your blackberry somewhere - try looking in the folder "downloads" (maybe)

2. Run Blackberry App World.

3. In Blackberry App World  goto "search" (magnifying glass) and type in Radio Companion or Nobex.

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6. Goto Genres and choose Christian

7. Scroll down and look for  WMCH and click on it. Even it says Johnson City, it is us.

8. When WMCH is found, click on it and listen.

9. The free version requires you to listen to a commercial which is usually a good commercial, then you hear WMCH.


Airs on AM 1260 WMCH Each Wednesday 6:00PM

Brian Haynes "The Voice in the Wilderness"
The Local call in show.

Streaming provided by MountaiNet

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Can be heard on WMCH AM 1260 from 6PM - 8PM Monday and Thursday


New Program with Ralph Owens MON & TUE 8:45-9 AM

Arlen Banks 7:45 AM  Seven days a week!!!


The Voice with "The Bettye Russell Show" !

ON AM 1260 WMCH Monday-Friday 9:30-10:00 AM



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Wednesday 6:30PM

Contact WMCH

Contact Information
AM 1260 WMCH:

Mailing Address
WMCH Radio
P.O.Box 128
Church Hill, TN 37642

Phone: 423-357-5601

Fax: 423-343-4305



Randall Seaver
Darrell Smith
Bettye Russell
Ron Gordon
Andrew Clark
Karen Looney
Tony Cradic


Sat 6:30PM